Let Your Canine Chill

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Let Your Canine Chill: Cooling Dog Beds

If you have difficulty sleeping when it is too hot outside, can you imagine what your dog must be going through under that fur coat! It is very upsetting to watch your dog panting crazily on a hot day. Fortunately, the latest ranges of Cooling Dog Beds will provide your pet with the laying-on-the-cool-kitchen-floor feeling, which is loved by most dogs.

Why should you buy a Cooling Dog Bed?

  • A cooling dog bed usually helps in lowering your dog’s body temperature more effectively in comparison to lying down a kitchen floor.
  • The Cooling dog bed can be used anywhere, like the park or the beach.
  • Managing your dog can be easy using a Cooling dog bed, just place it in an out-of-the-way location and then let them rest there.
  • Though they are not as soft and comfortable as a cushion, these beds are surely softer than the kitchen tile.

How do these Cooling Dog Beds Work?cooling dog beds blue mat with a collie dog

Cooling dog beds actually work using the simple principle that the cool kitchen floor does: Heat always tries to reach equilibrium in a given area. The kitchen floor is cooler than the dog’s body temperature, heat will keep flowing from the dog’s body to the floor until they both reach the same temperature. The cooling dog bed does exactly the same thing. The mat is cooler than your dog’s body temperature, so it keeps pulling the heat from their body till they both reach the same temperature, hence cooling down the dog’s temperature. Cooling mats are either filled with water or a special heat-absorbing gel.

How to select the best Cooling Dog Bed?

There are a number of cooling mats and beds which are available online. Hence you will need to ensure what features you are looking for before selecting the correct bed for your dog.


The size of the cooling bed should be large enough for your dog. To ensure that the rate of your dog’s temperature drops to the maximum, you will require them to have as much contact possible with the bed. It is advised to provide them with the largest bed available for their size, as it will allow them to move around a bit.


If you want to carry the cooling dog bed with you to the park or during family vacations, you’ll want to make sure it is easy to carry or handle. Most of the gel-filled cooling beds are easy to fold into a compact size. Water-filled cooling mats need to be emptied before carrying, you will need to refill it before each use, which makes them a bit inconvenient.


A number of manufacturers have claimed that the gels used in the cooling dog beds are completely non-toxic, however, there have been instances where dogs have fallen ill after ingesting it. Hence you will need to ensure that the mat is durable enough to stand up to your dog’s claws.

Cooling Power

Some mats offer a cooler laying surface as compared to the others. You will need to wisely decide the kind of layer and temperature you are looking for the dog. Some of the best cooling dog beds remain around 15 to 20 degrees lower than the surrounding temperatures.

A large variety of cooling dog beds are available in the market, but all of them vary in terms of quality, cooling efficiency and price. Five of the best options are:

1. The Green Pet Shop Cooling Pad: This cooling dog bed is a pressure-activated one. It works on a special self-cooling technology patented by them. This cooling dog bed will keep your dog warm for about 3 to 4 hours once it sits on the bed.

  1. Unleashed Pets Cooling Pad: The Unleashed Pets Cooling Pad is a gel-filled, pressure-activated cooling bed. It will help keep your dog around 10 to 15 degrees cooler than room temperature. It is made up of a puncture- and water-resistant cover
  2. Arf Pets Self-Cooling Mat: The Arf Pets Self-Cooling Mat is a premium quality cooling bed that works using the pressure-sensitive gel. It is specifically designed to be super-durable and is made up of a puncture-resistant nylon cover which is extremely easy to clean.
  3. K&H Cool Bed III: The K&H Cool Bed III is a water-based cooling bed. It is made of durable nylon/vinyl exterior, it comes with a limited 2-year warranty.
  4. Animal Planet Self-Cooling Pet Mat: The Animal Planet Self-Cooling Pet Mat is a sturdy, non-toxic and latex-free cooling mat. It is a gel-based bed has a pressure-activated core.


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