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Dog coats are great to help keep your best mate warm on those cold walks. Generally, it is believed that dogs are man’s friend. There are poems, even movies that have admonished people to be like “dogs”; not literarily of course. But in terms of their loyalty and commitment to their “friend”; the owner. Dogs are trained and used for a variety of purposes to foster the human cause including the army.

It is no news that people replicate the love their dogs have for them back to their dog pets and as a result of this. They do things such as wearing fancy and protective coats for their “friend” to make them more presentable, adorable and protect them.

Andrew Cox who is the Head at Vet Nurse at Goddard’s Veterinary Clinic in London when asked if dogs really need coats responded by saying. “Dog coats are great for keeping small, short-haired dogs dry and warm in the winter.”  In this article, we will be exploring The different Dog coats and the seasonal benefits of each one.

Are Dog coats for all Dogs?

Before I proceed to talk about the various dog coats that will be a perfect fit for your dog during various seasons. I will first like to intimate you with some important things to consider before you go about purchasing a dog coat. Because not paying attention to this basic things might affect your judgment of the usefulness of dog coats in the long run.

The truth is that it is not all dogs that need coats. Dog Breeds such as Akitas, Newfoundlands, Siberian Huskies, Cairn Terriers and even Pomeranians are able to actually cope well even during cold weather. As a result of the fact that they have undercoats. Hence, it is very imperative to research your breed first before drawing conclusions on whether they need a coat or not.

Another very important thing to note is that; not all dogs will easily get used to wearing coats. Some dogs will find it very uncomfortable and it is not ethical to force your dogs to wear what will make them uncomfortable. Hence, It is better you let your dog wear the coat around your house for a while. And you can judge and finally draw a valid inference from your observation.


People have some wrong notions about dog coats that need to be dealt with and gotten rid of because they are not true. Some people believe that dog coats are only applicable and useful for small dogs. This is not actually true. Dog coats are not meant for only small dogs. Big dogs such as the Greyhounds, for example, can also make do with Dog Coats.

Hence, as you go about purchasing a coat for your dog; ensure that you accurately and correctly measure your pet. To ensure that you get the one that perfectly fits your pet. Rather than assumes based on mere speculations and conjectures that your dog is too big for a coat. If the coat is too snug, it will affect the mobility of your canine. You should as well ensure that you check that there is nothing such as hanging zips, tags or parts on the coat because this will get caught or irritate your dog.

Seasonal benefits

Keeping your dog comfortable and healthy should be of utmost importance to you and in that regard, there are various dog coats that you should consider especially to help them cope effectively with the variations in weather condition.

Warmth during winter

There are several varieties of dogs as well as seemingly tough and resistant breeds such as Norfolk Terriers and even Labradors are affected by cold weather conditions and hence get chilly in the winter. As a result of this, a coat or jumper such as the Slate Tweed Dog coat is simply a very good way to help them stay comfortable and healthy during the cold weather. When it comes to small breeds such as Chihuahuas, for example, a coat is also advisable for staying warm and happy in cooler weather.

Protection from Rainfall

In the advent of rainfall, dog owners who have one reason or the other to take their dog out on a rainy day can look out for a raincoat such as the Navy waxed waterproof Dog coat should come in handy and would offer a great way to avoid dripping dog coats.

Other benefits of dog coats

Ease of visibility

Apart from protecting your dog from the fury of the weather, another benefit of wearing a dog coat for your dog offers you the ability to easily find your dog in case they stray. You can easily spot your dog among the crowd or in a place where there are similar dogs if the dog is wearing a coat. You can as well easily describe the dog to others to aid the searching process.

Aesthetics (Beauty)

A good dog coat for your dog makes your dog more adorable to look upon and of course, you want the whole world to know that you are the owner of that good looking and presentable dog. Hence, don’t just choose a dog coat; pick one that you deem special for your special pet as this reflects how much you truly value your dog.


A dog coat offers your dog the comfort it deserves and requires. If making your dog comfortable is important to you, then a dog coat is something you should be giving some serious consideration.

Health factor

A dog that is kept safe from the fury of the weather and comfortable which a dog coat guarantees will be happy and healthy. If you care about the health of your dog, you should be considering a good coat.


Besides obvious dangers such as that of overheating your pet when it comes to hotter temperatures, there are no negativities that come with wearing a coat and the words of Andrew gives credence to this by saying “There is no real downside to a dog wearing a coat”.

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