A Guide To Buying A Dog Harness

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A Complete Guide to Dog Harness

Dog harness guide; a great way to walk your dog if you don’t like a traditional dog leash. Having a pet dog comes with an array of responsibilities. From feeding it time to time, to teaching your dog tricks, the list is endless. One of these responsibilities is walking your dog for at least 30 minutes a day. For the purpose of walking your dog many pet parents opt for a collar-leash which is attached to their necks. This is not for all dogs and causes issues for your dog. Dogs that pull a lot on the lead may end up with neck injuries; which is why you should switch to a dog harness.

A dog harness allows pet owners to keep their pets on a leash without putting their health in jeopardy. With collars, your dog can easily slip out while running but with a harness, that point is secured. This owns the security mechanism of a harness. Harnesses contain multiple loops that are to be inserted in your pet’s legs and torso. This makes the force distribute itself throughout the body of the dog, thus ensuring full body support.

Now there are several types, sizes, and fabrics of dog harness. It depends on the size of your dog and the quality you opt for in the budget you have. This post is dedicated to guiding you through all the types and sizes of harnesses that might be suitable for you.

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When it comes to choosing a harness appropriate for your pet you will be left with a multitude of choices. However, you should premise this decision on what makes your pet comfortable, fits your budget, is easy to put on and easy to take care of. Here’s a list of the types of dog harness you can choose from:

1. Vest Harness:

This harness is best suited for smaller dogs or lap dogs like pugs, beagles etc. The harness is majorly focused on the torso of the dog and thus makes it look like a vest. The support mechanism of this harness stems from the core of your pet.

Now, these harnesses are usually very basic and simple looking but they can be customized and styled up as per your liking.

2. Easy-On Harness:

As the name suggests these harnesses are known to be easy to put on and put off. The mechanism of this harness involves ease and quickness of release. They are outfitted with easy buckles and are fairly lightweight. Their weight helps them to be easily worn without wearing your dog down. For the same reason, easy-on harnesses prove to be insubstantial for larger dogs. They can be sturdy for small dogs and they are low in price.

3. Standard Harness:

A standard harness consists of a set of buckles that encircle the torso, forelimbs, and chest of the dog. This harness is suitable for all the dogs as it comes in different sizes and has the capacity to tighten or loosen the harness.
In some cases, the standard dog harness has an additional loop in the extended region of the torso. This type of standard is pretty smart to look at along with the strong support it renders. The price of this harness is also pretty reasonable but a little inclined towards the higher end.

4. Step-in Harness:

This harness contains straps where the dogs have the step inside in order to wear it. The straps are usually wrapped around the top and bottom of dog’s front limbs. The leash is connected by a buckle that joins the whole structure together probably at the top the harness. In this type of dog harness, there is structure, protection, and support. However, if the fabric of the straps is cheap then the harness can even break.

5. Built-in Harness:

Built-in harnesses are those types of harnesses that have leash which is built-in. This type of harness comprises of vest harnesses, step-in harnesses, etc. They are durable and provide a reliable support.

How to Ensure Durability and Right-Size:

These are two of the most basic yet crucial information one needs while buying a harness for your pet. Durability ensures constant support and the right size makes sure that the harness would actually make your dog comfortable. The harness should be the perfect size for your dog’s comfort. Here are two guides that will help you find the right size and right fabric:

·Size of the Harness:

Would you ever buy a tight or a loose clothing? Of course not, and since your little doggies cannot do the shopping for themselves you should be acquainted with exactly how to buy the perfect size of dog harness for your pet.

The first you need to do is to get your pet steady and still to get the accurate measure. After you’ve attained that, start with an inch tape and measure its girth. This is done by measuring the area beneath the front limb and the torso.

In case you want to opt for a harness that encircles your dog’s neck, you should keep his neck measurement handy.

·The Durability of the Harness:

The durability is ensured by a multitude of factors like fabric, length, corners of the harness etc.

Let us start with the fabric. A flimsy and delicate fabric can easily break apart so that’s why start by looking for a sturdy fabric. However, make sure the fabric is not too harsh else it can cause irritability and rashes in your pet. Carefully assess the stitching of the harness and the strength of the fabric to hold the buckles together.

Now the length of the harness should be assessed by measuring the size of your dog. The harness shouldn’t go beyond the lower torso as that might irritate its tail and movement.

When it comes to the corners, make sure the joints of the harness are not pointy and uncomfortable. The joints should be smooth and comfortable. A restrictive joint in the harness can hinder your dog’s movement so it should be taken care of before buying a harness.


When you are buying a harness for your dog, make sure to take all the points into consideration for a comfortable and long lasting harness. Buy a durable and secure harness, even if the harness costs you a little more than you had set out to buy it for you. We hope this guide was helpful for your dog harness shopping.

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