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Dog tags on a dog collar


Dog tags walk your dog knowing they can be found and returned if lost. We all want to make a mark in life. We want the world to remember us for our signature deeds. This attitude is also seen in the way we tend to want to make our mark on things that belongs to us. We want to have that personalized and customized touch on things we own. To confer on it some kind of uniqueness that manifest and express our Aura. Our dog tag should not be different; though it is for some people.

In case you don’t know, the tag your dog carries says a lot about your personality too. The pattern and creativity of your dog tag speak volume of you. Your dog does not have the opportunity to name itself; you and you only have that privilege. Why treat it with levity and lackadaisically?

Why do you need a personalized Dog tag?

If you don’t know or have not seen any viable or reasonable reason why you should get a personalized tag for your dog. Then, the following reasons are why you should not just give your dog any tag but a personalized one:

Affectiondog shampoo bath time the dogs jumping for joy

A personalized dog tag reveals the state of the heart of the owner of the dog towards the dog. A personalized tag for your dog shows how much you love your dog. And reveals that you are not treating your dog as just another accessory that can be displayed at any time but a friend that you really cherish.

Replicated loyalty

A personalized dog tag is one of the ways of gaining the trust of your dog. And you can be sure that your dog will replicate the same loyalty. Because you are more than just another dog owner but a friend. With a personalized dog tag, you stand every opportunity to enjoy the famous unalloyed loyalty of a dog.


A personalized dog tag shows that you are not ashamed to identify with your dog. It shows that you are devoted to the welfare of the dog and sees the dog as a part of you. The dog is no longer just a pet, but an important extension of your person

Personal Signature

A personalized dog tag is your signature on your dog. It is a kind of seal of approval from you that you are proud to have the dog as yours. A personalized dog tag offers you the chance to have a say in the way your dog tag looks.


Of course, you want your dog to be different from any other dog out there. A personalized dog tag makes this possible especially when you deliberately and meticulously choose one.

It is required

Many town councils and government require that your dog wears a tag. If you won’t get a personalized tag for your dog because of the other noble reasons I have highlighted above. At least you will have to get it because of this particular reason; albeit forced.

Personalized Dog Tag versus Leather Tag

Don’t just pick any random tag for your dog. You should be going for a dog tag that has been adapted to your needs. Rather than a random dog tag because of the following reasons:

  • Durability: A personalized dog tag can stand the test of time in comparison with a random dog tag. Personalized dog tag doesn’t easily suffer from tear and wears as a result of exposure to moisture, unlike their leather tag counterparts.
  • Shrink resistant: A personalized dog tag does not shrink easily unlike random leather dog tags. Leather dog tags often shrink and expand over time and this makes it look haggard on your dog. You don’t want to expose your beloved pet to such embarrassment and maltreatment.
  • Endless options: A personalized dog tag offers you the opportunity to choose from an endless variety of options, unlike leather dog tags that restrict you to some colours which you may not even like but have to simply make do because you really don’t have a choice. You have too many choices to pick from in fact when personalized dog tags are in view. What you rather have instead of restriction is a selection headache.
  • Cost effective: As a result of the fact that leather dog tags wear and tear easily over time. You will have to get a new one within a short frame of time. Hence, choosing a personalized tag for your dog is not just good for your dog, it is good for you too and especially, your pocket.
  • Personal touch: Your personalized dog tag is exactly the way you want it and this kind of makes you feel part and parcel of the production process, unlike random leather tags.
  • Quality: A typical leather dog tag is made from cowhide and soft metal and it cannot stand the test of time, unlike your personalized dog tag that comes in various quality forms as much as you desire.
  • Variety of fastener: The personalized dog tag comes in form of a different fastener from which you can choose one of your choices, unlike the normal leather tag that only has the traditional buckle and nothing else.
  • No extra baggage: The need to attach another hunk of metal becomes a discussion only meant for history class when one uses a personalized dog tag. Both the name and phone number is embroidered on it once and for all. As for the regular leather dog tag, another hunk of metal is required before you can completely have both the name and phone number well represented.
  • Different: If your dog tag is the regular leather dog tag, it is not that easy to recognize your dog from a distance in case you have to employ the dog tag as a means of identification due to the fact that your dog is identical to some others that are around the same place at a point in time. A personalized dog tag, however, helps counter that as your own tag for your dog stands out among the rest.

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